Founded in the beginning of 2016, by myself and two other experienced midwives, the midwife practice at Geisenhofer clinic is located at Geisenhofer clinic’s parental centre. At the centre of our attention is facilitating an interdisciplinary cooperation between gynaecologists, midwives and hospitals. We provide our services for every pregnant woman, regardless of the way of delivery she has chosen. If your attending physician registers you at the Geisenhofer hospital, please make sure to visit us for an introductory conversation between the 30th and 34th week of pregnancy.
if you intend to make an appointment, please send us a mail to praxis@geisenhoferklinik.de or you can reach us via the Contactform. The first meeting is essential to answer all your questions about pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period so you don’t need to worry about any of those aspects. Since we are closely working together with the attending physicians, we are well aware of the hospital’s procedures and features.

Our range of services:
During pregnancy:
  • counselling
  • prenatal care
  • acupuncture, homeopathy and Kinesio taping for pain relief
After birth:
  • post-natal care service at our practice in case of no post-natal midwife
  • consultation on breastfeeding
  • advise on foods for infants

All costs are covered by your insurance.